She has been the spear head of architectural capabilities at Al-Imam for the past many years. Having interests in the field of Urban Design and Development particularly the conceptuality in using urban space as social space, usage of urban venues and the influences of designing, practically, compliments her knowledge and skills. She also has interests in the multiuse of neighborhood designing: the New Urbanism approach.

Her educational timeline compliments her familiarity with the industry, having a Bachelor’s in Architecture from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan and double masters in Architecture Design and Urban Design & Development from University Of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Amna’s professional career started as an assistant in the production of fact sheets for architects on energy efficient design at ENERCON, a National Energy Conservation Centre in Islamabad. Leading on to be a Design Architect at Kamil Khan Mumtaz and Associates, Architects in Lahore, during which time she got hands on experience in a few residential projects and significantly a boy’s hostel laboratory block, market area and guest house of the Chand Bagh School.

Her break in serious work came after, when she joined Dickson Rothschild Architects, Urban Designers in Sydney, Australia where projects like King Edward Terrace, Canberra and Bitcon-McClellan Residence were hers to experience.

The quest for global knowledge and experience in Amna lead her to S.T. Architects and Engineers, in Singapore. Serious work saw her developing a design proposal for a major growth centre in Bagan Dotah, Perak, Malaysia in a project of multi-use development for industrial and tourist uses covering 4,040 hectares. Other significant projects for S.T. Architects and Engineers included an Army Camp redevelopment at Sungei Gedong and warehouse for BAX Global, Changi Lane both in Singapore, amounting to US$174.5 million in project value.

She finally found her calling to become the Senior Architect at Al-Imam Enterprises, Lahore, Pakistan where 5 years later she became the Director and led several areas of expertise such as; project coordination, master planning, architectural interior and furniture design, corporate presentations, and client dealing.

Amna Majeed has been awarded a High Distinction in Architecture Theories in History, a Distinction in Urban design Case Studies and an Honours in Urban Design Studio during the MUDD course from the University of New South Wales. She was also the winner of the John Crawford Merit Scholarship for territory education in Australia. Winner of the prestigious Sir Percy Brown Award in Art and Architecture History upon graduation from the National College of Arts and also awarded the President’s Talent Scholarship after Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Her key research work, projects and reports include:

Ravi City Project: member of design charette to put forth proposal for the development of an urban centre of 400,000 inhabitants, North of River Ravi.  The charette was conducted by Maisom Architects and Engineers, Jordan and included several renowned academicians and professionals from USA, UK, Jordan, Australia and UAE

Jakarta Waterfront Redevelopment project. Design of a 500 hectare mixed use residential community at Ancol North Jakarta. The project was a part of a major initiative to redesign and develop the Jakarta waterfront using new urbanism concepts. The major issues addressed were the development of an iconic waterfront at the same time tackling the issues of transportation and urban mega sprawl. Project undertaken in collaboration with Planning Workshop International, Australia.

Study of a development project studying the relationship between market forces and urban design, The Darling Park office development , in Sydney Central Business District, a and comprehensive study of a major commercial development from its inception to completion analyzing the role of an Urban Designer in whole development process.

King Street urban design study, design for the Kumagai site central King Street South in the Sydney CBD

Preliminary feasibility study for a large mixed-use hotel /retail/commercial development at 400 George Street in Sydney Central Business District.

Conceptual plan for the redevelopment of Pyrmont Peninsula in Sydney and detailed design of one precinct.

Deconstructing the Rocks; Paper that analyzes the Rocks Precinct in Sydney, deconstructing the space of an area that was transformed from being a den of crime to an iconic historic showpiece.
Monuments in the Urban Fabric: Exploring how monuments, Landmarks and edifices affect the urban fabric and their social standing in urban life.
Boundary and Space in Architecture: Paper that attempts to analyses the concept of ‘space’ as it has interpreted through the various school of thought.

Deconstructing the Rocks; Paper that analyzes the Rocks Precinct in Sydney, deconstructing the space of an area that was transformed from being a den of crime to an iconic historic showpiece.

Amna Majeed